Our Approach
Because challenges that impede the effectiveness of an organization often overlap and blur, InterAction, Inc. always begins with a thorough assessment of the organization’s needs.

Following that assessment, InterAction Inc. creates a custom plan and approach to bring about the necessary change.

Typically, challenges fall into one or more of five distinct categories:

Team Development
Decision Making
Focus and Resilience

Where challenges of team development exist, we begin with an initial assessment if the team’s work environment and the team member behaviors that are moving towards or away from the team’s goals. InterAction, Inc. uses this information to develop a customized team development plan and…

  • Provides leaders with an understanding of the predicable phases of group development and the challenges their teams need to address before they are ready for the next phase.
  • Works with team leaders to build fluency in utilizing tools and communication skills that will move their teams to the next phase or level of performance.
  • Trains team members to make a shift from working as individuals to working as a member of a group.
When groups are in conflict, InterAction provides teams with tools for utilizing differences through exploring and integrating new perspectives. Differences that could become a source of conflict are examined to find ways of including the best aspects of conflicting poles.

  • Team members learn to shift from explaining what is already known to exploring new ideas.
  • They learn to use a structured method of dialog that enables participants to discover differences in the apparently similar… and similarities in the apparently different.
  • They learn to manage irritation that often arises as others explore ideas that are different.
  • They learn skills for observing the group as a whole to determine when the team is open to new or different ideas.
To help teams and their leaders communicate and work better with other functions and departments InterAction, Inc…

  • Provides simple tools for using principles of systems thinking to create a “map” of the organization’s current way of functioning. Together, the team and Jane assess how departments and functions are currently organized to meet goals and exchange information.
  • Explores ways to create new relationships and new ways of sharing goals and relevant/necessary information.
  • Designs a step-by-step plan to improve collaboration between departments or functions.
When leaders and teams want to improve decision making, InterAction, Inc. helps them learn and utilize new skills…

  • Individuals learn to understand, tolerate and appreciate the full range of ways that people: relate to others; take in information; makes decisions; and organize their work and the potential strengths associated with these different preferences.
  • Individuals learn to make a bridge between their preferred way of thinking and their colleagues’ preferred ways of thinking.
  • Leaders and teams create meetings that allow people with different preferences to participate in decision-making in ways that capitalize on their strengths.
As our world economy and the face of business changes, InterAction, Inc. trains leaders and teams in methods for reducing stress and improving focus and resilience.

  • Leaders and teams explore the characteristics of effective resilient thinking.
  • They discover how and why the human brain uses protective mechanisms that paradoxically reduce access to the very information humans need in order to be resilient.
  • Leaders and teams learn practical steps to interrupt these mechanisms and regain your resilience when you no longer need the protection.
  • Leaders and teams look at two key “channels” of effective resilient thinking in order to obtain the right balance of “explaining” and uncovering new possibilities that the group might otherwise overlook.

InterAction, Inc. provides private executive coaching, teambuilding programs, and training that meet the needs of today’s demanding economy. Programs address issues pertaining to team development, conflict, communication, decision making, and focus and resilience. Learn more.

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